FREE Metaphysics of Money Course

This metaphysics course aims to provide you with a structured approach in understanding your ...


This metaphysics course develops the ability to use the Tarot as a tool to provide spiritual guidance ...

Sound Healing

This metaphysics course develops your ability to apply the vibrational energy of sound to bring energy ...

Plant Essence Healing

This metaphysics course explores the use of plant essences in the healing process.

I Ching

This metaphysics course explores the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle.

Crystal Healing

Technical and practical knowledge of this subject can either support your passion for crystal healing ...

Colour Healing

ability to apply the vibrational energy of colour to bring energy healing to others. Topics covered ...

Intuitive Practitioner Course

I Ching consultant or Tarot consultant, then this metaphysics course is ideal for you.

Energy Healer Course

Learn powerful energy healing techniques and how to use your intuition to aid you in energy healing.

Applied Metaphysics Course

Building upon the concepts of the four pillars of metaphysics, exploring tools and techniques to reach ...

Introduction to Metaphysics Course

This metaphysics course gets your journey off to an exciting start.