Crystal Healing

Course Description:
Crystals are one of the most important tools used in energy healing, as they’re used to extract and direct energy from one area to another. Explore the use of crystals in the healing process and how to work with them for self.
Start your Crystal Healing journey today.

What’s covered in the course?

  • Crystals overview
  • Choosing, cleansing and programming crystals
  • Wands, grids and gem essences
  • Crystal profiles
  • Preparing for crystal healing
  • Practical application of crystal healing

What course materials are there?
You receive a workbook, set of crystals, assessment file for development work and access to our Learner Portal. Facilitation support in either the class-based or distance learning based option. 

How long is the course?
It is a 2-month course.
With class-based option running over 6 sessions of 2.5hrs each, weekly.
The distance learning option can be started anytime and you receive 2 months’ access to the course.

What’s the cost?
Class-Based option is R 1, 500.00 and can be paid either:
– Once off payment R 1, 350.00 (10% discount) or
– Deposit of R300.00 and 2 x installments of R 600.00 per a month via debit order

Distance Learning option is R 1, 200.00 and can be paid either:
– Once off payment R 995.00 (discount included) or
– Deposit of R200.00 and 2 x installments of R 500.00 per a month via debit order

When can I start my Crystal journey?
Class-Based option next starts October, Cape Town.
Distance Learning option can be started anytime.