Sound Healing

Course Description:
This Sound Healing course develops the ability to apply the vibrational energy of sound to bring energy healing to self. A wonderful workshop course to bring understanding to the power and healing in sound. Start your journey with us today.

What’s covered in the course?

  • Physics and philosophy of sound
  • Esoteric principles of sound
  • Sound healing modalities
  • Chakra correspondences and toning
  • Applying sound healing to self

What course materials are there?
You receive a workbook, assessment file for development work and access to our Learner Portal. Facilitation support in either the class based or distance learning based option. 

How long is the course?
It is a 2-month course.
With class based option running over 6 sessions of 3hrs each, every 2nd week.
The distance learning option can be started anytime and you receive 3 months’ access to the course.

What’s the cost?
Class-Based option is R 1, 750.00 and can be paid either:
– Once off payment R 1, 500.00 (discount included) or
– Deposit of R250.00 and 2 x instalments of R 750.00 per a month via debit order

Distance Learning option is R 1, 500.00 and can be paid either:
– Once off payment R 1, 350.00 (10% discount) or
– Deposit of R300.00 and 2 x instalments of R 600.00 per a month via debit order

When can I start my Sound journey?
Class-Based option next starts September, Cape Town.
Distance Learning option can be started anytime.