Distance Learning

This is the most flexible in study options.

You are able to start with a module at a time and can either follow a set study plan or work at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle.

Receive full access to all modules for the months / courses indicated on the Booking Form you decide to choose.

Receive all the materials in a physical pack sent to you via registered post.

Have a 1 to 1 facilitator to provide you with guidance and support through your course material on the Learner Portal Platform. They will also asses your assignments and provide feedback on them. You are also able to leave and receive messages with your facilitator on the Learner Portal.

Due to life and it’s constant ability to change routine. You also have a 2 month rest period through your course. This entitles you to be able to take in any way needed up to 2 months break from studying and payments. This does not affect all the months access period to the course. For example, you may be able to take a month break and then a month break later should you wish or alternatively 2 months break in a row.

You will also receive a full study plan. It is not a set plan you must follow but rather a guideline to work through the course material at a steady pace. As always you set your pace and can work faster or slower should you choose. The study plan is also given to your facilitator and so they are better able to follow your progression and offer added support when seeing you come up to a specific section.

“It took me some time to find a spiritual/metaphysical institution that I felt comfortable about joining. MetaVarsity offers a grounded form of teaching that has enhanced my life in all aspects. I thank you for your support and open attitude”. Jacqui

“I have grown and continue to grow. I love myself. I love others. I have a better understanding of people. I don’t feel helpless in situations anymore. Met like minded people. Feel in control of my life. It is SO worth doing”. Alice

“This is a life-changing experience and has altered the path of my life forever. I have learnt more about life and about myself in the past six months than ever before. Thank you to the MetaVarsity Team for this wonderful opportunity. I would not only recommend this course but would suggest that every person who wants to explore the meaning of life should do the course to find answers to all these questions. ” Lynda

“An all-encompassing learning programme that has changed my daily approach to people and events. I have deeper insight into my own life and purpose.” Alida

“The Learner Portal is a brilliant concept and tool for learners. I worked in Student Services as a multimedia agent, team leader and quality assessor and other colleges have a lot to learn from you guys. Students have very frustrating experiences with them so… well done to you all.” Retha