About MetaVarsity


MetaVarsity is a school of metaphysics founded in 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa, with the objective of “bringing spiritual intelligence into the mind, heart and soul of the everyday person”. MetaVarsity works innovatively and in a structured way with its dynamic team to:

• Provide quality, education in metaphysics that is delivered through flexible programmes and well-designed structures, including both class-based learning and distance learning experiences in self development

• Create a structured environment that nurtures opportunities for the expansion of new avenues of education in metaphysics and new business opportunities for others

• Uplift our learners’ consciousness through personal development and the practical application of life skills, also known as spiritual intelligence

• Create a community of inspired and collaborative people who aspire to push the boundaries on their own levels of self development, sharing what they have learnt with others

MetaVarsity had a vision that education in metaphysics and spiritual intelligence could be provided using an outcomes-based professional approach.

All MetaVarsitys’ metaphysics courses have been developed using specific outcomes and assessment criteria for every module. Both skills and knowledge are developed and assessed using consistent and clear guidelines of quality. The incredible experiences and steady personal development of our learners is testimony to the power of the process.

It is important for prospective students to understand that academic degrees and non-academic degrees are different in nature and, therefore, cannot be viewed in the same way regarding accreditation. Since our degrees are spiritual and non-secular or non-academic in nature, they are not accredited by academic or governmental accrediting agencies and cannot be transferred to traditional academic colleges or universities.

Actually, there are no nationally recognized accrediting agencies for metaphysical degrees. Therefore, metaphysics-related schools (including alternative health schools) must use third-party accrediting agencies for accreditation.

The point of this discussion is that, while accreditation sounds good on paper, it really doesn’t mean much with regard to degrees and courses that are outside of an academic university or college setting. There is no such thing as accreditation in the traditional sense for metaphysical schools.