Applied Metaphysics Course

As your next step after MetaVarsity’s Introduction to Metaphysics Course, the Applied Metaphysics Course builds upon the concepts of the four pillars of metaphysics. Exploring tools and techniques to reach deep soul contact and understanding. Delve into the intricate workings of energy and the mind for practical self-development and personal mastery.

Learn how to use incredibly powerful meditation techniques. Play with telepathy and develop your own system of telepathic communication. Discover what blocks your personality from expressing your soul in everyday life. 

What’s covered in the course?

Module 1 – Advanced Metaphysics

– Learning the origins and purpose of both philosophical and metaphysical thinking.
– Defining and expanding metaphysical terminology Outline.
– 6 main schools of philosophy.
– Famous philosophers.
– 5 main schools of metaphysics.
– Purpose of metaphysics.
– Mysticism versus occultism.
– Paranormal and parapsychology.
– Space-time continuum.
– Metaphysical laws of phenomena.

Module 2 – Meditation

– Learning meditation techniques that go beyond mind control, developing soul contact and awareness.
– Being able to assist others with meditation Outline.
– Stages and schools of meditation.
– Soul meditation technique.
– Breath, sound and chants.
– Personal experience of your soul.
– Assisting others to meditate.

Module 3 – Soul Awareness

– Developing a deep, soul-level of awareness, creating a sense of unity and overcoming major challenges in the personality that block the soul from expressing itself.
– Spiritual hierarchy of the solar system and the interrelationship of the kingdoms of nature.
– Process of evolution through the flow of impression.
– Definition of the personality (physical-emotional-mental), soul (higher self) and Monad (God-self).
– Using the 7 rays of life to understand soul and personality.
– Types of glamour and illusion that block soul purpose.
– How to overcome glamour and illusion.

Module 4 – Energy Awareness

– Developing a personal experience of the different types of energy and becoming aware of the technical process of directing and receiving energy.
– Types of prana/energy/chi.
– Energy circuits and energy transmission.
– Experiencing levels of the aura.
– Experiencing different types of energy (physical/emotional/mental).
– Science and quantum physics view.
– Personal energy management.

Module 5 – Mind Awareness

– Developing an understanding of the mind and becoming conscious of the mind’s power to create reality.
– Using telepathy to develop the mind’s ability to create clear, powerful thought forms and to be receptive to receiving clear information.
– Levels of the mind and the purpose of each level.
– How thought forms actually work.
– Natural laws of manifestation, e.g. law of attraction, law of vibration, etc.
– Types of telepathy and techniques of developing this communication ability.
– Practical telepathy experience.

What course materials are there?

You receive a workbook, assessment file for development work and access to our Learner Portal. Facilitation support in either the class-based or distance learning based option. 

When can I start my Appled Metaphysics journey?

Cape Town –  Sunday March 2019.
Johannesburg – Sunday March 2019.

Online Class:
Wednesday 27th March 2019.

Distance Learning:
Anytime you choose too.

For more information download our PDF.