Numerology Level 2
Numerology Level 2

Following on from the information provided by our date of birth in Level 1, in Level 2, we explore the mystical depths and secrets of our names.

We will learn about:

• Where our strengths and weaknesses lie from the age of 20 onwards.
• Our karmic lessons.
• The essence of who we are now pulled through from our past lives.
• How we function physically, mentally, emotionally and intuitively.
• How we operate under stress or in an emergency.
• Where our true passion lies.
• What’s happening in our subconscious self.
• Our soul’s deepest desire, and how it links with our personality, destiny, and power.
• How to lay out and read a complete numerology chart.

To pull everything together, we will wrap up this module by creating our own personal, sacred manifesto, and activate this with a fun and powerful alchemical ceremony.

Know Thyself. Numerology is the deepest form of psychological profiling known to man.

What course materials are there?

You receive a workbook, assessment file for development work and access to our Learner Portal. On the Learner Portal is video lectures on each section of the course with facilitation support in either the class-based or distance learning-based option.

How long is the course?

It is a 3-month course. With class-based option running over 6 sessions of 2.5hrs each, every 2nd week. The distance learning option can be started anytime, and you receive 3 months’ access to the course.

What’s the cost?

Class-Based option is R 2, 500.00 and can be paid either:
Once off payment R 2, 250.00 (10% discount) or
Deposit of R250.00 and 3 x installments of R 750.00 per month via debit order.

Distance Learning option is R 2, 000.00 and can be paid either:
Once off payment R 1, 700.00 (15% discount) or
Deposit of R200.00 and 3 x installments of R 600.00 per month via debit order

When can I start my Numerology journey?

Class-Based option next starts April 2019 – Cape Town
Distance Learning option can be started anytime.