Reiki Level 1

Course Description

When learned and applied correctly Reiki is a simple and easy healing method available to all of us. No matter what your age, gender, religion or origin, you will be able to learn this healing method. It is usually taught in 3 levels.  Over the years, other levels have been added and training varies greatly from Master to Master.

Heal the body, mind, and spirit to a state of wholeness and balance. Open your awareness of how we operate on more than just a physical level. It shows us what we need to learn about ourselves, what we need to change about ourselves and what we can control in ourselves.

Level 1 can be termed “Introduction to Reiki.”  The student learns the history of Reiki, receives the attunement to the Reiki 1 energy, learns the basic hand placement positions and participates in practical sessions and exercises.

The emphasis here is self- healing.  The practical aspects of this course will teach you how to carry out treatments on individuals. Once the course is completed the new initiate is then presented with a certificate for level 1. 

What is covered in the course?
  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • History and Development
  • Principles
  • Levels
  • Schools of Reiki
  • Attunement
  • Hand Positions
  • Self-Healing
  • Reiki Treatment
  • Healing for Animals, Plants, and Objects
  • Specialised Applications – Energy Blocks, Balancing Heaven and Earth, Scanning and Beaming
  • Chakra Basics
What course materials are there?

You receive a workbook, assessment file for development work and access to our Learner Portal. Facilitation support in the class-based option. 

How long is the course?

It is a 3-month course.
With classes running over 7 sessions of 2.5hrs each, weekly.

What’s the cost?

Class-Based option is R 2, 500.00 and can be paid either:
– Once off payment R 2, 250.00 (10% discount included) or
– Deposit of R550.00 and 3 x installments of R 650.00 per month via debit order

When can I start my Reiki journey?

Class-Based option next starts  Monday 18th February 2019, Cape Town.
Book now with a 10% discount