Course Description

Develops your ability to use the Tarot as a tool to provide spiritual guidance.

A symbolic experience of the Major Arcana cards develops a spiritual understanding of this tool and the Minor Arcana cards are studied to expand this understanding. Different Tarot spreads are used to develop practical experience of interpreting Tarot spreads, for yourself and for others.

Learning how to use a practical Western tool to achieve deep personal understanding and to help others do the same.


What’s covered in the course?
  • History of the Tarot.
  • Practical spread/layout technique.
  • Interpretation of a layout.
  • 22 Major Arcana cards and the spiritual journey they represent.
  • 4 suits of the Minor Arcana cards (Swords, Wands, Cups, Pentacles).
  • Practical use of the Tarot for self and others.
What course materials are there?

You receive a workbook, Tarot Deck, assessment file for development work and access to our Learner Portal. Facilitation support in either the class-based or distance learning based option.

How long is the course?

It is a 4-month course.
With class-based option running over 8 sessions of 3hrs each, every 2nd week.
The distance learning option can be started anytime and you receive 4 months’ access to the course.

Wha’sthe cost?

Class-Based option is R 3, 300.00 and can be paid either:
– Once off payment R 3, 000.00 (10% discount) or
– Deposit of R300.00 and 4 x installments of R 750.00 per a month via debit order

Distance Learning option is R 3, 300.00 and can be paid either:
– Once off payment R 2, 700.00 (20% discount) or
– Deposit of R600.00 and 4 x installments of R 600.00 per month via debit order

When can I start my Tarot journey?

Class-Based option next starts Thursday 28th March 2019, Cape Town, evening classes.
Distance Learning option can be started anytime.


I have looked at it and I would like to say that MV have really done a great job here with the structure of this course in Tarot. The way that the exercises are presented for development of skill and also for personal development (always seeming to be what MV tries to do in their courses) definitely helps one to take casual Tarot reading to the next level. A very well structured and well facilitated course, methinks. Thank you!G. Fisch