Find the best pathway for you to start your journey.

Class Learning

This study stream is all based in physical classroom learning.
We are excited to have branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Garden Route for class learning options for some of our courses currently.

Everything you need is provided to you in class. It is an amazing journey of self-discovery while meeting like-minded people and being supported through the process. Learning through others and support from your facilitator.

Online Class Learning

It’s the best of both worlds – the convenience of online studies, coupled with a classroom-like interaction with other students and a facilitator.
Each course has a designated and passionate facilitator, who is readily available to answer any questions.

The learning side is structured as such:
• Every 2 weeks, students are assigned a section of work to go through at their own pace – the sections of work are laid out with a study plan to make it even easier to complete.
• These sections are summarised by your facilitator and discussed in a virtual classroom environment with the other students on the course.

There is a choice between morning online classes running from (08:00 – 10:00) or the evening online classes run from (19:00 – 21:00).


Distance Learning

It’s the convenience of online studies while each course has a designated and passionate facilitator, who is readily available to answer any questions and support your process.

You receive your workbooks via currier door to door delivery. You will have access to the assignments, meditations and audio lectures via our learner portal. We provide a study guide, that supports following a structured pace but as a Distance Learning student, you have flexibility in completing the course at your own pace.

You are able to start with a course at any point that suits you. This is the most flexible in study options.


“It took me some time to find a spiritual/metaphysical institution that I felt comfortable about joining. MetaVarsity offers a grounded form of teaching that has enhanced my life in all aspects. I thank you for your support and open attitude”. Jacqui

“I have grown and continue to grow. I love myself. I love others. I have a better understanding of people. I don’t feel helpless in situations anymore. Met like minded people. Feel in control of my life. It is SO worth doing”. Alice

“This is a life-changing experience and has altered the path of my life forever. I have learnt more about life and about myself in the past six months than ever before. Thank you to the MetaVarsity Team for this wonderful opportunity. I would not only recommend this course but would suggest that every person who wants to explore the meaning of life should do the course to find answers to all these questions. ” Lynda

“The Learner Portal is a brilliant concept and tool for learners. I worked in Student Services as a multimedia agent, team leader and quality assessor and other colleges have a lot to learn from you guys. Students have very frustrating experiences with them so… well done to you all.” Retha